Dedicated to Gardening, Greening, and Learning, PHS Programs seek to improve communities and their quality of life through horticulture.

Our Gardening, Greening and Learning programs are integral to the PHS tradition. From community gardens and parks initiatives, to the restoration of major public landscapes such as the grounds of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Logan Square Swann Memorial Fountain, Race Street Pier and Avenue of the Arts: PHS has involved thousands of city residents in an ongoing effort to make the city a more livable, likable and vibrant place to live and work.

The growth of PHS reflects the changes in urban horticulture itself, from a focus on specimen plants and ornamental gardens viewed alone in their majestic beauty, to a more holistic understanding of horticulture today. PHS understands that plants and gardens are linked to the health of people, wildlife and our environment. PHS helps our communities to know plants and gardens as natural wonders while our programs and projects address the complexity of green issues in our city. 

  • PHS City Harvest program taps into the skills and energy of urban gardeners and entrepreneurial growers to make fresh, nutritious produce more widely available in underserved neighborhoods. 
  • PHS Civic Landscapes and Park Projects creates gardens, landscapes, and green infrastructure in neighborhoods, libraries, school yards, supportive housing, and streetscapes. 
  • PHS Garden Tenders programs offer workshops and technical assistance to empower community gardens to build thriving gardens in their neighborhoods. 
  • PHS Green City Teachers provides Philadelphia educators with the skills to integrate horticultural and environmental education into curricula, after-school programs, and service-learning projects.
  • PHS LandCare program is a comprehensive approach to managing abandoned land by creating park-like settings that not only improve the appearance and livability of communities, but contribute to public health and safety, raise property values, and stimulate new investment. 
  • PHS Junior Flower Show is a horticultural exhibition by and for school-age children in the greater Philadelphia region.
  • PHS's 10,000-volume McLean Library provides current and historic information on gardening, plants, and great gardens. 
  • The Neighborhood Gardens Trust (NGT) plays a critical role in preserving, protecting, and promoting community gardening throughout Philadelphia. With a portfolio of about 30 gardens, NGT is a leader in sustaining neighborhood green space and advancing community gardening. 
  • PECO Green Roof Tours allow our community to discover the merits of green technology while taking in fantastic views of the Philadelphia skyline during a tour of the PECO green roof.
  • PHS Plant One Million project has led a regional partnership and campaign plant one million trees throughout 13 counties in the tri-state area, with the goal of restoring the tree canopy cover—the area of land shaded by trees—in the Greater Philadelphia Region to 30 percent.
  • PHS Pop Up Gardens sites transform under-used or vacant city spaces into exciting urban oases through imaginative landscape and horticultural design. The gardens are open to visitors throughout the summer and early fall seasons and feature PHS special programming, events, food and drink that make the Pop Up Gardens cultural and horticultural hot spots. 
  • PHS Rain Check program is part of Philadelphia’s long-term stormwater management plan, providing Philadelphia residents with stormwater management tools installed at their homes for free or at a reduced price. 
  • At Public Landscapes, PHS works with partner organizations to beautifully maintain landscapes using environmentally and ecologically responsible methods, materials and techniques.
  • PHS Roots-to-Reentry program provides vocational horticultural training, therapy and transitional employment for Philadelphia Prison System inmates and Roots-to-Reentry graduates. 

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and relies on the generous support of individuals to continue providing our unique services to the Greater Philadelphia Area.